UPDATE: Maintenance Notification Banner SaaS June, 2022 (Tier 1) Release 22.6.0 and (Tier 3) Select Release 22.6.1 - Non-Production
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Ellucian Cloud
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Posted Jun 23, 2022 - 07:00 EDT
In progress
Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Posted Jun 22, 2022 - 23:30 EDT
We will be undergoing scheduled maintenance during this time.
Posted Jun 17, 2022 - 10:16 EDT

UPDATED TIMELINE: Please be advised that the following Ellucian Banner SaaS June T1 Release 22.6.0 and T3 Release 22.6.1 will be deployed on the Non-Production environments. This notification details the maintenance timeline and planned work.

Updated Window: June 22nd 2022, 11:30 PM to June 23rd 2022, 7:00 AM Eastern

Impact: The Non-Production environment will be unavailable during the maintenance window.

Documentation: Please refer to the following articles for the details in this release:

Release 22.6.0:
Banner - Advancement BA ALUMNI 8.17 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000RSnwR
Banner - Advancement BA ALUMNI 9.3.11 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a111M00000RXnp1
Banner - Accounts Receivable - Overall BA AR 8.8.4 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Sml2n
Banner - Accounts Receivable - Overall BA AR 9.3.22 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Sml1z
Banner - SC California CALBHR Human Resources BA CALBHR 8.18.1 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlnEW
Banner - SC California CALBSTU Student BA CALBSTU 8.15 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a111M00000RaTSa
Banner - SC California CALBSTU Student BA CALBSTU 9.3.27 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Smp8y
Banner - General - Ethos API DB Upgrade BA ETHOS API DB UPGRADE 9.27 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlvFL
Banner - Financial Aid - Loan Processing BA FIN AID 8.42.1 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000So4ug
Banner - Financial Aid - Loan Processing BA FIN AID 9.3.31 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000So4uv
Banner - Finance BA FINANCE https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlpWv
Banner - Finance BA FINANCE 9.3.24 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlpW2
Banner - General - Admin Common BA GEN ADMIN COMMON 9.3.28 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SldxM
Banner - General - Application Navigator BA GEN APPNAV 3.7 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SnzQG
Banner - General - Business Process APIs BA GEN BUS PROC API 9.3.28 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SmikL
Banner - General BA GENERAL 8.14.1 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlduN
Banner - General BA GENERAL 9.3.23 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Sldwn
Banner - General - Security BA GENERAL ACCESS MGMT 9.3.19 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SldzD
Banner - General - DB Upgrade BA GENERAL CMN DB 9.27 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SmiO6
Banner - Communication Management BA GENERAL COMMGMT 9.7.5 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SmNyX
Banner - General - Self-Service RESTful API BA GENERAL SELF-SERVICE 9.11 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SmiOQ
Banner - Human Resources BA HR 8.20.1 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlcLA
Banner - Human Resources BA HR 9.3.22 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Slguq
Banner - General - Integration API BA INTG API 9.27 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlvF6
Banner - General - Event Publisher Banner Event Publisher 9.8 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SnzQ6
Banner - General - Extensibility-Page Builder Banner Extensibility-Page Builder 9.10.1 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Rrf1z
Banner - Faculty and Advisor Self-Service Banner Faculty Self-Service 9.18 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Slcc2
Banner - General - Events Management Banner General Events Management 9.12 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SoATU
Banner - Student Self-Service Banner Student Self-Service 9.20 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlccB
Banner - Position Control BA POS CONT 9.3.16 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Slgul
Banner - Student - Student API BA STU API 9.27 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlvF1
Banner - Student BA STUDENT 8.24 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Slcc1
Banner - Student BA STUDENT 9.3.27 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Slcc6
Banner - Student - Registration BA STUDENT REGIST SSB 9.25 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlccG
Banner - Employee Self-Service BA WWW-EMP 8.20.1 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Slgug
Banner - Employee Self-Service BA WWW-EMP 9.19 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000Slguv
Banner - Finance Self-Service - Overall BA WWW-FIN https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SmO8Q
Banner - Finance Self-Service - Overall BA WWW-FIN 9.4.5 https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SlpX0
Banner - Web Tailor - Overall BA WWW-TALR https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000SM6Cg

Release 22.6.1:
Banner - Finance BA FINANCE - Select https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000RrsYD
Banner - General - Business Process APIs BA GEN BUS PROC API 9.3.29 -Select https://ellucian.force.com/clients/a118Y00000RrzYj

Dependencies: None

Client Action: The Client will be responsible for validating the environment following the completion of the deployment in the Client's environment. Test major business processes, integrations, and bug fixes.

Verify: The Cloud Services team and Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) will be carefully monitoring all activity during and after maintenance is completed to confirm all services are operating correctly.

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns about this notification or would like to discuss any aspect of the upcoming maintenance, please contact your Customer Success Manager who can arrange a meeting with the appropriate technical personnel.

Thank You,
Your Ellucian Cloud Services Team
Posted Jun 14, 2022 - 11:01 EDT
This scheduled maintenance affected: Ellucian SaaS (Ellucian Banner SaaS).